Aries Season: Working with New Energy

Happy Birthday, Aries Babies!
Duality: Masculine Triplicity (Element): Air Quadruplicity (Quality): Cardinal Polarity: Libra
Aries is our Active, Energetic, Impulsive, and open to the new sign of the Zodiac. She's also the first sign of Zodiac which represents New Beginnings (Think of 'The Fool' from the Tarot). She loves an adventure
Her Symbol: The Ram. She is assertive and loves the adventure of the climb. "Me First" is her go to as she loves to be the leader. She's fearless, going head strong to any problem; this does make you a bit reckless but feel totally alive none the less. 
Ruled By: Mars, our planet of physical energy, our drive, aggression, and call to action. Mars is named after the Roman God of War, who never feared jumping into war and action. He is bold. 
Traditionally, Aries Season brings fresh energy that is ready to take form; much like a seed being planet ready to grow. Pisces (the last zodiac) taught us to listen to our intuition and dream. Aries…

The Collective Being: Fear & Faith

Fear is like rubble after a big collapse from a structure that once stood strong. The fragments are exposed, rough, sharp, and covered in dust. You can say the same for humans whom have fallen into fear or some sort of sadden despair state of being. And this is what I find to be true for so many of us right now with what is going on in the world. The structure of our being feels exposed and we can feel helpless, distant from safety and stability. That is all we want, stability; to know that we will be held and supported just the same as the beams and walls hold up our homes and office buildings. This is something that is truly magnificent if we allow ourselves to look at this devastation from another perspective. We all need help right now and to surrender to the storm. The human population is truly remarkable and we've been able to get through some really hard and scary times; our ancestors did the same. Each generation has faced something different in their life time and they&#…

Living Intentionally instead of Fearfully

Let's talk Intentional Living.
What is it?I believe living intentionally is different for everyone and is based off our individual uniqueness. By definition it's when a person/ group of people live their lives based off of their values, morals, passions, and true desires.

With the current state of panic among our country and many others, I really wanted to challenge myself to not only stay mindful and grounded during this time but also intentional. I truly believe that if we can stay intentional with our lives that we can stop the spread of panic in our communities as well as the spread of the unwanted germs and virus. I began my journey of intentionally living well before this pandemic outbreak, however, I feel like it's important to share with you my reasoning in hopes that you find something that inspires you to make an overall change in your life and not just for the current state of our country. But being mindful of both wouldn't hurt.

For me, living intentionally …

Spring Forward with Intention

As the clocks change and we get more day light, we are reminded that spring is right around the corner. Ostara celebrations are beginning to take form and we are dreaming of warmer, brighter weather. With the winter winding down, we are left with the reminder that we still have time to tend to the garden and remove any rotted roots and things that will no longer survive come March 19th, the first day of the Spring Equinox. For me, I am now in the stage of my life when being totally present is necessary. The past is now just that, the past. However, it's still a large part of me but it is not who I am right now nor is it apart of who I want to be in my next chapter. There is no reason we need to be in constant reflection of the past and outdated habits, conversations, and energies. Being mindful of them is a necessity for forward motion but it's not a daily necessity to do in order to get through our day. 
It's time to purge ourselves of what is no longer and nourish ourse…


Now that we are a month into 2020, I have had some time to really do some deep thinking about what I'd like this year to look like. My Word of the Year is TRUST, a word that I'm not too keen on in my natural form; but not this year. This year I am diving in fully to TRUST.
My first encounter of Trust this year has been moving out of our home, the home we've shared for over 4 wonderful years. It's been the space where memories have been made by loved ones, dear friends, and for us personally. We have grown as a partnership and also in our own unique, individual ways. We've also come home to loss, grief, and confusion among these walls. But all of the celebrations, saddness, and the inbetweens have shaped us to who we are now and who we will become going forward. You don't truly know how much you'll miss the 660sq feet that you always complained about until you're saying goodbye and locking up the door for the last time. But, we are trusting. 
It's been…

The Medicine of 2019

Januarybrought Strength and Vision Februarycelebrated Love and Growth March created Peace and New Energy April manifested Truth and Motivation May was Heart-Breaking and Compassionate June showed Confidence and Perspective July was Shakey, yet Determined August Showed Desire and Bliss September created Change October remained Present and Gentle November brought Patience December Gave Clarity and Intention

I set the intention to look back on the Year 2019 and discover all that I have gained instead of lost. I believe that sometimes when we look back on the previous year all we tend to focus on is sadness, death, heart-break, and struggle. And I made the choice to see not what we aren't bringing with us into the New Year but rather to see what we are bringing with us. As reflection arises, I'll look at Gain instead of Lack. I'll look at Gratitude instead of Greed. Like will only attract like - and I refuse to bring heavy, negative baggage with me into this upcoming Year and Decade. Our …

Life After the Surrender

Oh! Hello There, Old Friends.I never expected that falling into surrender in mid-august would bring me to a 4 month period of silence on my blog. I didn't want to write here; in fact all I wanted to do was curl up with a notebook and a pen - and so that's what I did. I'm not sure what has triggered me to open up my laptop and write this post but I'm not letting it pass me by because honestly, I've missed my blog and this outlet. I've also missed the small connection it has brought me to you, the readers.
Since it's been some time, let's do a update on life, shall we? But I should warn you that although it's been 4 months, it's been more quiet around here than exciting. Surrender has meant Stillness and silence. And for once, I'm totally okay with that because it's been nice. 
Mentally. I have been going through it, mentally. It's been no secret that my focus has been on my mental health over the last year and a half. I've been to th…