Tuesday, March 12, 2019

To The Girl Who Wishes She Chose a Simpler Path,

To the Girl who wishes She chose a simpler path,

I see you standing on the edge of that tobbled stone looking around to find a sign in which way to go next. That tobbled stone so cracked and unsteady worries you in each moment you even breathe. Don't worry, dear one, you'll soon find your balance at a level of strength that has been in you all along. 

I see you holding your breath as the shifting winds whirl around you at rapid speed trying to bend your knees just enough that you fall. You won't fall. Or maybe you will. But I promise you that if you fall this will be the perfect opportunity to see your world from a different perspective. 

I see you laying on the dampened ground; dampened by the tears you've wept while screaming out your worries and fears. Unfold from that fetal position you're holding onto so tightly. Allow your face to look up and see what is ahead of you. Do you see the sun? 

I see you thinking the world is spinning out of control like a neverending merry-go-round. Hold tight, dear one, Look Up and see what is ahead of you. Do you see the sun?

You'll face the crossroads many times in your life. There is no one way of doing things just as there is no one way to get to where you are going. The path will always be paved before you; you just have to open your eyes to look at what it is.

Your path was not meant to be simple. It was not meant to be smooth. It was meant to be designed just as it has always been for you - to test your endurance and your willingness to keep going even after you've fallen from that tobbled stone. You were meant to emerge. 

Emerge Dear One! Step forward and release fear from your very being. Laugh back at those who laugh at your eagerness to live your life. Don't be afraid to travel alone when you need to. Look up at the sky and follow the sun. Climb to the highest mountain, Open your lungs, lift your hands to the sky and scream your truest truths. You've found your way! Look at you go, Dear One! Living! There is your path! Do you see the sun?

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