Wednesday, May 15, 2019

10 Minute Morning Meditation

8.5 years ago, I would be stumbling out of bed and be trying to find my way to the kitchen with only one eye open. Moans and "ughs" leaving my lips and I'd wish to be asleep for even 10 more minutes - and then, I got old. Just Kidding, I established a morning routine that helped me become a morning person, which makes me feel old. Oh My God, is this almost 30? 

For the most part, my morning routine has remained the same: Get up, feed the dogs, wash my face, make some coffee, light some candles and incent, read and write, do yoga, get ready for the day. But I recently, aka 4 months ago, decided to add meditation to my morning routine. Let me rephrase that: I decided to add meditation to my morning routine as the very first thing I do before I even get out of bed. I meditate twice a day, sometimes more if time allows it or I feel the urge to center myself. But I found that I can wake my mind, body, and spirit up more if I give it the opportunity to slowly. Many of us hit the alarm, jump up, and go go go until we are out the door. I'm not that person and you shouldn't be either. You also shouldn't be that person who jumps on your phone or computer right away to check emails and Instagram stories. This is a habit that I have been dedicated to breaking and because of my dedication, I came up with a 10 minute morning meditation routine - which also gives me permission to stay in my warm bed 10 more minutes. Who doesn't love that?

The Meditation

1. Begin by taking 3-5 deep breaths in. This will activate your lungs and other organs, telling them it is also time to wake up. As you are doing so, begin to stretch your body as long and wide as you can. I put my arms straight up so I can get that good stretch in my back, rolling my wrists and wiggling my fingers along the way. I do the same with my legs and toes. Seriously there is nothing like that first initial stretch in the morning. 

2. Place your left hand over your heart and your right hand over your belly. Do a few breathing cycles and feel your stomach expand and deflate with every breath. This is allowing the connection between your brain and your body to happen - its also making you consciously aware of yourself and your breath. 

3. Next is what I call the " 4 to 1 Method," and it's essentially a verbal gratitude list. I know you will still get up and write in your gratitude journal (if you don't do that, you should) but the 4 to 1 method is bringing awareness right away to your day. It's a tonic (positive) way to begin your day. So let's break it down:

  • FOUR: I want you to list 4 Things you are grateful for. It can anything or anyone, big or small, random or intentional. I usually do two big, two small. EX) I'm grateful for having a home to rest my head AND I'm grateful for my pink fuzzy socks. I'm grateful for shampoo OR I'm grateful for running water. It doesn't matter what you choose, just feel the gratitude as you are speaking it into the world. 
  •  THREE: Set 3 intentions for the day. By setting intentions first thing before you even get out of bed - you are setting the mood and pace for the rest of your day. Instead of jumping up and rushing in a hurry, you've made the conscious decision to create your vibration intentionally. EX) I will move slowly but diligently through my work. I will focus on what is working.
  • TWO: Next, List 2 people who want to send your love to. I found that we often jump on social media to see what others are doing and because social media is more toxic (negative) nowadays, sending love to 2 people first thing in the morning gives you a love vibration, thus a happy vibration to work with. Bonus if one or both of those people aren't positive influences in your circle. EX) I'm sending love to my wonderful mama AND I'm sending love to that lady who cut me off in the Walmart parking lot last week. 
  • ONE: Finish off your 4 to 1 list with ONE thing you love about yourself. If you just rolled your eyes at me, then you really need this one. By listing something I love about myself every morning, It has really helped my confidence and built up my self-love and worth. In return, when you feel good about yourself, you treat others in that same way. It's a win-win.
4. I like to return to my breath for a few more deep breathing cycles after I've finished my 4 to 1, just to recenter myself and give myself a few more moments of relaxation before I start my day. Then I will slowly begin to wiggle my body again, wiggle my jaw around to release tension, and slowly open my eyes. Instead of jumping out of bed, I swing my legs over to the side, planting my feet firmly on the ground, bring my hands into prayer position by my heart, and take a few deep breaths in. I finish with saying Thank You 3 times, and bow my head to "Namaste."  - My Day can now begin!

Over time I hope you come to see a change in the way you feel after starting your day with this simple 10-minute meditation. The way you've trained your mind to wake up slowly and have a moment to yourself. Making the effort to begin your day with intention and tonic vibration. It truly sets the motion for the rest of your day. 

From my soul to yours, sisters, Namaste! 
Love yourself first but don't forget to love other people!

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