Wednesday, June 26, 2019

4 Things that Happen when you align with Life

It's a beautiful, clear blue sky 70-something degree kind of day; and I am in a total state of bliss. Bliss. It's a word that has been on my mind for the better half of this last week of June. I never fully thought of the word bliss before, except for the fact that there was a teacher at my old high school with the name. I was met again with the word when my mom presented me with the book by Lori Harder "A Tribe Called Bliss," which is in short all about finding your bliss in life. 

I read that book about a year and a half ago, working on finding my Bliss ever since. It wasn't until a few days ago when I realized Oh Shit! I'm in Bliss right now as I'm crying and pushing this cart full of groceries to my car. And it's true. I found myself in a total state of bliss without a care in the world - for once it was as if my anxiety was on a vacation and I was free to through a house party in my own mind filled with chirping birds and fresh kombucha. My anxiety would have been pissed. 

I found myself in meditation...

"You've come so far in the last year! When you re in complete bliss and alignment with life, you are no longer spending time thinking about the past or negative thoughts that serve you no purpose or connect you to your soul's purpose. Bliss comes from within, it is not driven by the materialistic world. Simplicity. Life is mean to be spent in simplicity. This doesn't mean life is easy by any means, but it does, however, mean that we are meant to live a semi-calm life even through the storms that are less than blissful. To find inner-strength to allow yourself to find simplicity and shelter in yourself. "

When you align yourself with life...

Aligning yourself with your Bliss and your life is no easy task. Life has kicked the literal shit out of me multiple times and I am assuming it's not done with me yet. However, I have made the conscious decision to have a never-ending endurance when it comes to aligning myself with the life I want. I believe when you begin to align yourself with life, And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it - just like the Alchemist said. (Paulo Coelho). I believe a few things happen:

1. Your Environment Changes. 
There is a quote that says "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at changes," and it's true. When you become aware that life is happening FOR you and not TO you, you start to see the world differently, and yourself for that matter. You begin to notice that the people in your life start changing too, some are falling away to your past, some are staying, and you also have some new faces coming in. You begin to see your external (physical) space begins to change as well. Maybe you start a new job, move into a new home, or you change up hobbies. Or maybe it comes as simple as redecorating your home. Either way, your environment changes to align itself with what you are trying to align with. 

2. Rational action VS Irrational reaction.
When your environment begins to change, you will come to find that when a challenge emerges, you can now face it with Rational Action VS Irrational reaction. What I mean by this is, from personal experience as an example: Not only does my anxiety kick into overdrive when I'm triggered, but my temper flares and starts throwing bullets left and right like I'm fighting in Armageddon. I was always someone who was quick to react, and I still do from time to time because I'm only human. But I have become more mindful and dedicated to mindfulness knowing that mindfulness doesn't come from those who remain peaceful at all times but rather those who make the effort to find it (mindfulness).  Instead of reaction, I take a step back from the situation and think about it from a rational-neutral space. I return to my breath and ask myself the simple question of "why is this making you reactive?" and I work through my awareness before I act. 

3. State of Bliss, Awareness, and Gratitude. 
When you've aligned yourself with life, your environment has changed, and you've become aware of your actions/reactions...You will come to find a state of Bliss, Awareness, and total gratitude. While in these states you find that you are happy. When you are happy, you no longer need to linger on what haunts you or hurts you. This is a huge part of the healing process, one that I didn't fully understand until I found myself crying in the middle of a grocery store parking lot because I couldn't find anything to be worried about. I had allowed myself to be in Bliss without over thinking and judging myself for it - in return, I wasn't judging others for whatever state they were in. 

4. Presents from the Universe. 
Remember what I said about the Alchemist? When you truly want something and you make the conscious effort to align yourself with what you are asking for, the universe comes in alignment to make it happen not just for you, but with you. By showing up for yourself, the universe shows up to..with presents. You will be presented with New Information to use in your benefit as well as New Opportunities. When you receive this "New," the process begins again. It's a cycle.

Every day we have a choice. We get to decide on how we want to wake up to the world. Do we wake up thinking about the days that have already passed? Or do we dream into the future? IF we are lucky, we will wake up to be absolutely present, like today is the only things that matter because the reality is: It is. We can continue to trap ourselves in the what could have's, what should have's, and our regrets that we hang on the bedpost. But why would we want to live like that? Life already happened, that part of life already happened even if we don't agree with it. Each moment, dark or light has made the fragments of our time here on this earth. I regret nothing. I am only filled with lessons and wisdom to carry new. Life is mosaic. It is small little details that mean nothing when it stands alone, but what happens when you step back and look at the bigger picture? That picture is YOU and YOUR life, YOUR art. How do you want to bring that into alignment? What choice are you going to make? How will you decide to wake up in the chill of the morning? Are you going to rise passionately? Ready to align your life with your fullest, highest purpose? Or will you still be weighed down by the less blissful? 

As for me? My Passion is Life...and I'm still rising to it!

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