Friday, June 21, 2019

Cancer Season + The Summer Solstice

For centuries people have been honoring the cycles of the sun through celebrating Equinoxes and Solstices. Today, June 21st, we wake up to the sun at the highest point of the sky on the longest day of the year, bringing us the Summer Solstice. 

The world Solstice comes from the Latin word solstitium which translates to (Sol) "Sun" and (Stitium) "Still or Stopped," recognizing the sun is still on this very day. The Sun gives us warmth and draws our attention to the nourishment from its light.  The slow movement of the sun connects us with the ebb and flow of our lives, bringing the cycles of dark and light to our acknowledgment. The Summer Solstice brings us from action to patience as we slow down and allow the seeds we planted in the spring to take the course and grow.  We are asked to let loose and surrender in order to allow what is meant to be. 

A great way to connect with the Summer Solstice is to connect with the zodiac of Cancer. We are met with the solstice the day our sun moves from Gemini, the twins, the Cancer - The Crab. 

(June 21 - July 22)

Duality: Feminine
Triplicity: Water
Quadruplicity: Cardinal
Symbol: The Crab
Words: "I Feel"

Cancer is known as "The Great Mother," as she brings a soft, nourishing gentleness to us. Ruled by the moon, she is connected to our emotions. She gives us a space to navigate through our feelings as well as expressing them while having the confidence we are being held and protected; able to express ourselves without fear and judgment. 

Cancer is introvert and brings a time of inner reflection, contemplation, and self-care. Cancer is the Ruler of our 4th House. The 4th House governs our home life and what makes us feel secure. It represents what we hold dear to us and want to protect in both our physical and emotional/mental world. Just as a Crab Shell, we are delicate beings that need tending too - our physical bodies need care just ask much as our emotions need to be taken care of. Allow yourself to be vulnerable this season and move from your comfort zone to allow yourself to expand. 

This is a season to nourish our souls in every way, with complete trust and honesty. It's a time to recharge our energy but allowing the sun to fill us with its warmth and light. (Protecting your skin with SPF of course). This is the perfect time to establish a routine for the summer. This is a time of self-care and introspective practices. Try turning your phone off or putting it in the other room for 30min - 1hr every morning allowing yourself to wake up with a digital detox and embrace your mornings fully. Meditate under the sun and feel the warmth against your skin. Go near water, like the beach, and allow yourself to be one with nature as you listen to the sounds around you. Remember, have a journal near and write down your experiences as you slow down. 

Happy Summer Solstice.
Happy Birthday to all my Cancers. 

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